Living with Global Media Entertainment

Films, music and television have been shared internationally since technology allowed it. Now however, the entertainment sector is becoming more globally widespread and its impact is also becoming more widespread and significant. We see the impact transcend from the global sphere and begin to immediately impact local cultures. While all technology and media is now global and the effects are often discussed, the immediate effects of the entertainment industry are often overlooked. Music, television shows and films can be internationally known, especially by those with similar speaking bases.

Media is often affiliated with the development of culture and cultural identity and this is strengthened by entertainment. Because of the global spread of media entertainment individuals and communities have more links to different cultures. The impact of films like Blood Diamond, Slum Dog Millionaire, and even something as non political as Kung-Fu Panda can be seen to have informed an unknowing audience about aspects of a different culture and way of life. Perhaps people are unknowingly absorbing the information presented to them as their entertainment. But the nature of the exposure of the different cultures, as a form of entertainment through film, song, etc, means that maybe people are more likely to absorb the presented information without discrimination.

The effect of this would be interesting to review. Are we becoming less discriminatory because of our increased awareness of other cultures? Are we questioning our personal views and ethics when presented with fundamental alternatives? Are we considering ourselves as global citizens rather than individuals or members of a local community? Are we becoming less attached to our own culture because of the global exposure to others? Would that be a bad thing? Should we be changing the way we think?

I would love to have all the answers, but as yet I don’t think anyone does. Our awareness of different culture has definitely increased, and it is hoped by most that discrimination will continue to decrease. The impact of westernisation has been apparent for while foreign films struggle for popularity in western countries. These films have to be created for a western audience, and have to have substantial monetary backing. The sharing of media entertainment between cultures still lacks equality.

“Culture” has become links and interests rather than locality. Media entertainment plays the role of increasing cultural exposure and connecting those who wish to be connected as a culture.


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