Upon Reflection…

The role of an effective blog is to engage with a global audience, present opinions of varying issues and provoke dialogue and discussion. To call a blog post well presented goes beyond the quality of its writing and looks at the implementation of techniques and themes to engage with the audience and encourage further thought and discussion. I feel that the three posts I have done that best fulfil these attributes ‘In the Public Domain’, ‘Journalistic Civility’ and ‘Digital Paparazzi’.

The title pun alone, ‘In the (Public) Domain’, is engaging and previews the issues to be discussed. The extended metaphor represented allows clear parallels and conclusions to be drawn in regard to private versus public information and copyright. The language and style of this blog post easily links to the themes and lectures of BCM112 without appearing simplistic or conversely over complicated. The extended metaphor allows an obscure niche of the issue of copyright to be explored in depth and interestingly. The emotive wording takes it past being an information report which allows it to be more engaging. It maintained reader interest and allowed and encouraged a personal reflection and response to the issues raised when discussing copyright and public domain.

In the post Digital Paparazzi focus was given to the direct interaction between celebrities and the public through social media such as Twitter. By using socially prevalent examples, Kutcher, McCain, The Nerd Machine, to support the thematic concerns it engages with a larger audience. It goes on to discuss a more niche intellectual debate about the control of social mediums which again allows for an increased demographic. Through the use of quotes this post validates its opinions, and presents the audience with a justified, credible argument. The rhetorical question allows for audience contemplation and therefore, engagement. By allowing the reader to reflect on the significance of the result of Kutcher’s circumstance the message being conveyed is reinforced.

Journalistic Civility looks at the role of civilians and citizen journalism. The title becomes a pun and helps to engage a reader, as the post comes to detail not just citizen journalism but also the way in which these writers portray their opinions. The civility of their writing flows to directly influence the nature of the “Big Names” and the presentation of news. By presenting the question “How do the Big Names hear our little voices?” as the initial sentence or sub heading allows for a text preview, but also an engaging point of contention. The use of this rhetorical question and the formation of the post as a response allows for the audience to maintain engagement throughout.

These three posts I feel are my three posts that best fulfil the characteristics I associate with an effective blog. They contain techniques that encourage audience involvement with the issues and discuss relevant, current points of contention within the media.


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