(Web) Surfing Championships for Social Media

When considering the role of social media in our society we attribute online identity to replicate that of the “real” world. We see, perhaps naively, the platforms as equal podiums in our online communities. However in reality there is quite significant inequality in several areas of the online industry.

Women in computing occupations are a statistically underrepresented demographic. Of The 10 most influential people on the Web – 2010 only one is a woman (Huffington) and this seems to reflect the role, or at least the recognised role of women in the internet industry.

However, compare this to the role of women in online, especially social media, involvement. In most cases women are over represented in the statistic of online participation.

More women than men across the world are involved with social networking and females spend on average 30% more time on them. Not only are women online more frequently, according to Aileen Lee they “drive 62% of activity in terms of messages, updates and comments, and 71% of the daily fan activity”.

So when we look at the women and their online presence we can readily accept their role in contributing to social media websites. It is disappointing to compare these numbers with those of a woman in the professional industry and see the stark disparity. Lee says “Women rule the internet” because they are, generally, more social, dedicated to maintaining and forming relationships and connections, better at multi-tasking and most likely to present themselves in a social setting.

However the fact remains: Women may “rule the internet” by default, but this should, and could be reflected in a professional sense.


The Championship Finalists line up:

The trophy was taken by the 15-24 year old females across the board!


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