Fan Fiction in Convergent Culture.

We all live in an internet culture. The whole world may not yet, but if you are on my blog reading this, then you are a part of it. We live in a digital world. And that world has changed the traditional roles in the creation and distribution of information and content. The lines between those who were creators and producers and those who were the consumers have been blurred; thus the term ‘prosumer’.

A prosumer is someone who participates in all aspects of content creation and distribution. They are no longer passive consumers but also participants, collaborators, users and producers. There are plenty of examples but as a FanGirl I am going to use fan-fiction to explain.

There are honestly hundreds of thousands of videos that I could use as an introduction to the idea of ‘prosumers’, and hundreds that I know I want to use. I decided to let Geeks and Sundry explain fan-fictions and its role in the changing media sector.

As Nika Harper explains there is actually a lot of negative connotation surrounding fan fictions because of its potential to have poor quality. This is a natural side effect of the possibility of internet creating ‘prosumers’ and enabling everyone to interact with the original content. There is no possibility for quality control.

Quality or not, the effect still stands; people who were once only able to watch their favourite TV now have the ability to facilitate an interactive role with the existing content. Harper explained the benefits and possibilities for written ‘fanfic’. The [socially dreaded] example of 50 Shades of Grey is the hyperbolic success story for written fanfic- it started out as an A.U for Twilight and turned into a million dollar pay check.

However there are other types of content creation which is facilitated by ‘Convergent Culture’ [Henry Jenkins]. All different types of fan videos exist in the plethora of fan content on YouTube. Deviant Art is an example of a platform which hosts images, and it holds pages and pages of fan-art. There are pinterests tags specially dedicated to fan-craft and food. And there is, of course, Tumblr which seems to exists purely for the sharing of gifs, images and discussions between fans [and other purposes but fangirls seem to dominate it].

Fandoms can only exist with such effervescence because of ‘prosumers’ and convergent culture. Everyone who adds to them leaves something else for someone else. I will leave you with a wonderful fan-created video for my favourite TV show, Castle.


If you want a more comprehensive understanding of the different aspects of the convergent culture that has arisen then I did a series of blogs for BCM112 (I cannot guarantee quality – they were my first attempts at blogging)


My group project for uni this session is actually the creation of a ‘fandom’ page. We are collating Fan opinions and interesting Fan-created content. We are bringing likeminded prosumers together. Visit !


7 thoughts on “Fan Fiction in Convergent Culture.

  1. You draw some interesting conclusions about fandom and convergence. The Fifty Shades of Grey example and I was hoping you’d tell us a bit more about how the fans shaped the development of the production beyond the limitations of the pages of a book.
    I found this essay by Jason Sperb, ‘Reassuring Convergence: Online Fandom, Race, and Disney’s Notorious Song of the South’. It discusses the recent internet movement regarding a Disney production from 1946 which was dubbed so offensive that they ceased distribution in 1986. Online protesters are hoping to pressure Disney into releasing the feature on DVD through a combination of ‘bootleg copies’ and internet discourse. It’s an interesting example of how powerful fans are and what a dramatic impact they can have on a production.
    The link is:

  2. Fandoms are so great for when you want to explore your obsession with something just a little bit more. For example when the matrix came out I was in love with it, just watching the movies weren’t enough I watched the animations for it and read various fan fictions. Such a fun way to become a part of something you enjoy.

  3. I honestly don’t think fandom become effervescence because of the convergent culture. Remember back at the day when Spice Girls has their concert (I was only 10) my brother will force me to wait them at the airport, the day that we were chasing their car and scream I love you forever (I know that’s silly whatever I was 10 I don’t know what I was doing). That period Internet wasn’t so popular at all and fandom is still HUGE. However, I do agree convergent culture bought fandom into a whole new level as we can simply click “like” on Facebook to show how we support someone, we can simply go to Youtube and share video about how you are madly in love with One Direction (I say you because I hate them #yolo)

  4. I love how fanfic can be created across any platform and as any medium now, like we are able to create games, write stories, make videos and write our own articles about our favourite characters, and then share them wherever we like online. And as for quality control, many dedicated fans know where the best fanfic for them can be found and the site grows in popularity, giving it a reputation of high quality. One of my favourite sites is MediAvengers, where the creater produces articles of high quality on The Avenger charatcters.

  5. I think it’s great that fans can participate in their favourite franchises in such an active way. This method is an accessible one too since it’s available to those with an account on almost any social networking platform. I’ve found that has a good range if you’re looking to have a browse.

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