More of the Apple/Android Debate

There are so many aspects to this debate, and so many differing opinions. People attempt to compare features to ‘prove’ one is better than the other. Open system vs closed system; simple user-face vs customisable; quantity vs quality.

This video highlights so many aspects of this debate beyond the actual debate. It looks at the way the debate is now framed from both arguing sides. For example its portrayal of the iPhone/Apple users characterised as the ‘iSheep‘; following the brand name to newest toy, buying whatever is released regardless of price and features. This also satirically captures the pro-android discussion, which often is just listing the multiple phones available and their associated features. It shows the issues with the technologies and counters many of the arguments established to defend both sides. It targets the concept of the open market and app store that Android promotes, saying that quality is sacrificed and that many Android users brag about the ‘open source’ and yet don’t know what that is.

Essentially this hilarious YouTube video shows the flaws of the debate that are established because this is no longer a debate about technology. The Apple/Android is now a philosophical dichotomy perpetuated by users, marketing and media. Everyone has an opinion in this debate and here is mine: The point of phones is to use them, to network and connect. Pick the phone that allows you personally to achieve that. Consider the functionality of both systems but avoid getting caught within this worldwide war. It’s easy to accept that it is all about personal preference.


One thought on “More of the Apple/Android Debate

  1. I found this post to be a concise, well-written account of the debate. I would’ve loved to have heard your preference but I agree with your point that it comes down to personal preference. I think it would be interesting to see if the functionalities of both models merge in the future. Definitely something to think about.

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