Ideas are Forming: Media Art Project

So I previously discussed how it was Warhol’s screenprinting that inspired by current media art project. But I have had time to explore those links further. Warhol used Marilyn to highlight how the mass production of photos removed the meaning of the image of Marilyn to less than her identity to just a icon of pop culture.

However, instagram gives our images to contextualise the image and control the audience by changing and controlling the tags we put on our image.

I think when considering how we are using social media platforms to construct our identities this is important to consider. We elect what community sees our images, and what the context of that image is, based on the tags we chose to use.

In having this thought I have been researching Instagram hashtags. Huffpost and Top-Hastags, and many others, have complied lists of the top most used hashtags on Instagram. However, a highly used tag doesn’t necessarily mean an engaged community. TheFoolishObsession talks about the need to engage a particular viewing, and doing that through specifically selected tags (her examples are for beauty and lifestyle bloggers).

I also found an article by The Huffington Post which analyses the best times and days to upload an image to Instagram to ensure maximum engagement. This isn’t something I had realised would change so much day to day and is something I need to consider going forward.

Other things I need to consider going forward is the place of my work in the context of other media artists. At this stage the other work that I consider as relevant context and can be seen as shaping my piece as much as the initial inspiration from Warhol is My Life in Google Adwords by Erica Scourti. The idea that the video she created “charts personal experience channeled through Google algorithms to create a long-list of objects, brands, emotional states, desires and anything else identified as potentially sale-able” is interesting. In the same way she reduced her journal to marketable adwords, I want to reduce my image to shareable hashtags.

I have created my Instagram account Face.Value.Media and am excited to keep this project moving forward. More research and insights about social media platforms are being published daily, but there is a place for the social and media artists to explore the meanings, effects and roles of these platforms.


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