Roadblocks: Media Art Project

Just a progress report on the project I am currently working on using iteration and repetition. I tested a few iterations and it was working really well. Uploading the same photo but going down the alphabetical list of 200 hashtags I had compiled of the most popular, most relevant and most engaged comunities was somewhat tedious. But I was interested to see results.

But when I started uploading more I noticed the problem. I had 78 images uploaded. Until I refreshed my profile. I had 45. 49. 37. Because it was the same image being uploaded numerous times my image had been marked by Instagram as spam!

I had researched into this as a possible roadblock and the only issues I saw that might mark my account as spam was a forum where a person shared that uploading 100 images in an hour had locked her account. So I tried to avoid this by uploading a few images every day. Unfortunately other unpredictable issues arose.

I still want to work with Instagram because I am still interested in the area of social media-artistic expression-identity. I will regroup and see how I plan on using the research I have already done to create a new art piece.


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