#FaceValue in a Gallery: Artist Statement

Today #FaceValue went up in the gallery. I am very happy with how it turned out. I think it met and exceeded my expectations. Below are some photos (still to come) and my artist statement for the piece.


#FaceValue by Emily Ward

An Instagram account not following everyone, with no previous photos, and no followers uploads an image. Who likes it?

We use social media to construct and project our identity. But that persona is warped by the shareability of images, statuses and experiences. A photo is chosen for aesthetics, rather than for representing the experience. We give power to strangers, people who can only take us at face value.

I uploaded 40 images of myself to an Instagram account. All were posted in the same timeframe, with the same tags to ensure the same people saw them. Some meant a lot and some meant nothing, some I liked and some I didn’t, some are how I see myself and some looked nothing like me. #FaceValue is the physical representation of the likes they got in their first 24hours online.

How I value those images is very different to their number of Instagram likes.

Printed on paper in standard ink. Selfies are meant to be ephemeral.
But immortalised as art. Identity is meant to be important.

#art #behappy #instagood #smile #eyes #instabeauty #bbloggerau #makeupaddict #lipstickjunkie #lashes #curlyhairdontcare #selfie #selfienation #facevalue


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Or see the whole feed of blogs and updates at: www.emilyjward.wordpress.com/category/facevalue


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