A Guide to University Introductions

As a newly enrolled student in University I have been faced with questions that in any other circumstances I would to be rash, prying, abrupt, and overall suspicious. But meeting potential friends in this new wide world is important, and you have to make a good impression because you never want to be the student who walks into the lecture room after week 3 and still don’t know who to sit with. We are asked to provide a succinct but full, accurate but interesting, introduction of ourselves to the world.

We are asked to introduce ourselves to the anonymous readers of the world wide web, without  even knowing the student sitting next to us yet.

The questions of where you are from, and where you are living currently, about your home life were once the questions that we were strongly warned against answering in child protection classes. But as shaky new students we now answer them as willingly and often as we ask them.

Our preferred mode of transport and our travel patterns, what our timetable is like are all statements are all statements been covered in my recent introductory conversations, yet they are the facts, if known by a stranger in any other situation, that would be quite alarming.

When asked what course we are doing, our response is automatic, often detailed and potentially lengthy –

Double Degree, its a long one, Bachelor of Arts, English Literature major, Science and Technology minor, and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, Journalism and Professional Writing, Yes, lots of writing, bit of everything, I want to eventually do a Dip. Ed. English Teaching, or Primary, Maybe, Maybe something more corporate first? In the BCM industry? I love writing, always have…

– because we have been asked so many times before.

The exchange is mutual, and you find yourself nodding as Can’t-Quite-Remember-Her-Name explains why she has wanted to go into marketing all her life.

Under the guise of small talk a stranger comes to know our past, our present and our potential futures.

… Welcome to my blog …


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